What are the thoughts of others on Andrew Tate?

British-American influencer Andrew Tate is infamous for going viral, with videos of him on several YouTube channels and TikTok accounts getting millions of views. He is frequently seen in controversy. Tate was banned from most social networking sites after numerous individuals petitioned for his removal, alleging that he had said offensive things about women.

However, he is a very wealthy man who does constantly brags about his fortune or money on the internet and claims to be able to teach others how to achieve his level of wealth. As a result, today, we will discuss Andrew Tate’s businesses in this article.

How did Tate become famous?

Tate has been active on social networking sites for a while now. He temporarily made an appearance as a reality TV star in the 2016 season of “Big Brother” after retiring as a professional kickboxer. After a video of him using a belt to abuse a woman surfaced, he was made to quit the program.

He and the female presence in the film made it clear that it was consensual and no harassment. However, some say Tate was actually made to leave because the show’s producers didn’t want to be linked with the fact that the authorities were investigating him.

In 2017, during the #MeToo movement, Andrew Tate caused controversy after he tweeted that woman must “bare some responsibility” for being sexually attacked. He received a permanent suspension from Twitter (which was lifted in 2022 after Elon Musk acquired the company).

Despite no longer using the major platforms (apart from Twitter), Andrew Tate still maintains a sizable loyal following there. Videos of him or about him are all over TikTok and YouTube channels, and the ones that gain the most attention are typically released by fan channels or channels that disapprove of him or challenge his words or views.

Bragging about his net worth:

Although some speculate that andrew tate techktimes net worth might be as low as $50 million, but his supporters think it to be at least of $300 million. In a Piers Morgan interview show, he bragged about having a $1 billion US net worth. While it is obvious that this was not a genuine claim, he himself claimed on a Twitch stream that he was the world’s first trillionaire. Additionally, he could not back up his claims and turned down Forbes Magazine’s request to investigate them.


Tate is one of the most controversial personalities on the internet today because of the leftists disapproving of his thoughts and the Western media disapproving of his thought about masculinity. Although he is a controversial character, he is rich. He has a large number of followers, including men and women.

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